Art and Culture Events in Melbourne


Melbourne city, the Australia’s second largest city and also one of the most visited. People book their flights to Melbourne to enjoy its vibrant atmosphere and an extensive list of attractions. Tours, shopping, theater, art, and restaurants are a few indulgences that make it the most desirable holiday destination in the whole country.

All aspects of the city are beautiful with something exceptional to offer. From laid-back streets to performing arts complexes, lush parks to bustling boulevards, world-class restaurants to fabulous museums, Melbourne has a wide variety of things to see and do. Here is the list of some;


Melbourne Aquarium: Sea Life in Melbourne is home to a wide variety of sea creatures offering an interactive adventure to tourists. It is known for the world’s largest saltwater crocodiles in the stunning Croc Lair exhibit. Other areas include Bay of Rays, Conservation Cone, Ice Age Cinema-4D, Coral Caves, Mermaid Garden, Penguin Game Field and much more.

Ian Potter Center – NGV Australia: Ian Potter Center: NGV Australia at Federation Square is known for its excellent collection of artwork from Australia from the colonial period to the present day. Here also exhibitions and events are organized.

Street Art: Melbourne is also known as the street art capital of Australia. It is worth exploring the Street Art of the city which displays in different approved places of the city. The street art tours led by street performers will take you through the alleys and arcades and will show you the beauty of colors, thoughts, insole art, spray paint and more.

Melbourne Star: Melbourne Star takes you on an adventure trip and lets you experience the city in the most amazing way. It offers panoramic views of Melbourne and its stunning cityscape.

Queen Victoria Market: Queen Victoria Market is one of the main tourist attractions. It is the best place to purchase fresh food from fruits and vegetables to other foods and general merchandise. You can take a guided tour to explore the market and get to know your heritage, culture, and history.


Eureka Skydeck 88: It offers 360-degree views of all of Melbourne and is a must see attraction. Some other activities add to the excitement collectors.

National Sports Museum: The iconic museum celebrates the country’s vibrant sports history. The Australian Sports Gallery and the Olympic Museum, the Australian Sports Fame Halls, cricket halls, football fame buildings, the Thoroughbred Championships, and MCG – The People’s Ground.

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